Avid Connect 2017


At a Glance

Now in its 4th year, Avid Connect 2017 will have one of the most informative and inspiring agendas yet, helping attendees expand the possibilities and get ready for the year ahead.

With dozens of thought-provoking and insightful sessions led by some of our community’s foremost thought leaders, business trendsetters, technology innovators and creative luminaries from around the globe, attendees will benefit by hearing from the many contributors who will be sharing their experiences and ideas for helping our community solve their most pressing challenges and better address the most important opportunities.

Registration includes breakfasts, lunches and refreshments on Saturday and Sunday, as well as admission to Saturday evening’s cocktail reception and pool party.

Agenda at a Glance

AC17 Agenda

* Friday’s ACA board meeting, council meetings and evening reception is by invite only, and is for members of the ACA board and advisory councils only.

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Top Level Tracks

Whether you are a media industry executive, work as part of a creative team or are an independent creative professional, you will find a track that is tailored for you. The sessions at this year’s Avid Connect will be organized around three top level tracks:

Transforming the Media Enterprise: Innovation in Business & Technology



Find out how properly focused and smartly applied technology innovation can impact the future of the media business. Focused on the latest media industry business dynamics and emerging trends, this track is geared towards industry executives, technology innovators, operational managers and any media professionals who are tasked with navigating the challenges and opportunities present in the media landscape today.

The various sessions in this track will focus on technology’s impact and its role in increasing business performance, improving operational and capital efficiencies, maximizing and protecting the value of media assets and enabling teams to meet increasing demands for media while delivering content better tailored to reach the desired audiences…and much more—all packed with in-depth information and helpful insights shared by industry visionaries and leaders.

Empowering Collaboration: Talent, Tools, and Technology



Discover how the right technology and tools, in the hands of the right talent, can enable creative teams to collaborate more powerfully to deliver more compelling, high-quality content. This track is geared towards creative teams looking to better harness technology and tools in order to achieve more flexible and agile workflows, improve connectivity to enhance collaboration and creativity, and more effectively deal with the growing list of formats, resolutions and frame-rates.

Sessions in this track will shed light on how creative teams and technical professionals can manage the increasing demands for content creation while facing the simultaneous pressures for operational and capital efficiencies. With industry leading creative professionals and technology innovators contributing, this track will prove to deliver thought provoking ideas and invaluable information.

Mastering Your Craft: The Art of Cutting Edge Storytelling



Learn how to get the most out of the creative tools and production workflows that you rely on every day. With contributions from many of the industry’s’ most renowned and award-winning creative professionals who have created some of the worlds most celebrated and beloved content, this track will help everyone from the most seasoned creative pros to aspiring professionals and students master the art of storytelling with industry-leading tools and techniques.

In order to help the community learn today’s best practices and look at new ways to take creativity to the next level, this track of valuable sessions will offer a unique opportunity to hear from the masters on many of their own techniques, tips and tricks to master the art of storytelling.

Don’t miss this year’s event. Last year’s event sold out. Secure your spot.

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Key Themes

From learning about the latest in cloud technologies to seeing the newest workflow innovations, or from hearing about ground-breaking immersive viewing experiences to better understanding 4K/HDR content production, this year’s keynote speeches and interactive breakout sessions promise to be jam-packed with valuable knowledge, helpful insights and useful information. The sessions at Avid Connect this year will focus on the following key themes:

Ascending to the Cloud: The Path to Flexibility, Agility and Scalability



Uncover all things cloud as you prepare for your business to reach optimal performance. Become a knowledge leader as you equip yourself with a deeper understanding of cloud technology, practical approaches for migration, and advantages of the cloud over traditional deployments. These sessions will explore how cloud-based deployments can be leveraged to achieve greater agility and flexibility, enhanced performance and realize new workflows only made possible in cloud-based environments. Learn from the experiences of not only industry experts and colleagues who’ve been involved in early cloud tests and deployments, but also hear from some of the IT industry’s top experts on cloud technologies, infrastructures and best practices.

The Platform Effect: Unifying Tools & Workflows to Drive Efficiency



How can media enterprises better deal with the business complexities and economic realities they are facing today? With business, operational and technology needs changing so rapidly, how can enterprises properly future proof and protect investments? How can they achieve more capital and operational efficiencies? Take a fresh look in these sessions at a unifying platform approach to content creation and distribution infrastructure and workflows. See how tighter integration, broader openness, value-added platform services, collaboration tools, and flexible deployment and licensing options can unlock efficiencies while delivering more powerful workflow capabilities.

Staying Ahead of the Curve: Workflow Agility in Dynamic Environments



To keep up with the evolving demands in today’s dynamic environment, which includes the business pressures that are driving enterprises to do a lot more with a lot less, content production and distribution workflows are requiring new approaches. Next generation workflows will need to be drastically different from what is common practice today – more agile, more flexible, more efficient and more powerful. Sessions will dive into what is at the forefront of new thinking on resource management, workforce utilization, workflow optimization and improvements in the overall user environment and experience.

Protecting the Value of Media Assets: Insights into Effective Asset Management Strategies



With the clear demands of an increasing rate of content creation and an ever increasing rate of consumption, maximizing the value of media assets has never been so important. As well, particularly as the industry embraces more open platforms and cloud-based workflows, protecting content is more critical than ever. With the help of respected industry authorities, these sessions will help delve into asset management strategies to help face these challenges and will cover various components including technology, tools, workflows and new approaches to help organizations store, protect, manage, find and access media assets more effectively.

High Resolution = High Return: Maximizing Results in 4K/8K & HDR Workflows



Now more than ever before, content creators need to produce higher-quality and more engaging media to get their content seen or heard in today’s crowded media environment, and to protect the value of their content for the future. Higher resolutions, higher dynamic range and higher frame-rates are here now. Is your team ready to handle the demands on your production? Being able to produce in these new higher-resolution formats effectively and efficiently can offer better creative results, and actually prove to deliver high business returns. Speakers across these sessions will discuss the hype and reality, as well as the challenges and opportunities of creating 4K/8K and HDR production workflows.

Immersive Media: The New Content Experience



Increased competition for viewers is intensifying the need for more impactful storytelling, which means that content owners and media companies need to take their audiences on a whole new experiential journey – one that is a more personal, more engaging, more immersive. How can content creators make the most of new immersive media technologies like virtual reality or immersive audio? In these sessions, learn from innovators and industry leaders that are at the forefront of these new immersive technologies and techniques, as they explore the next generation of immersive viewing and listening experiences.

Harnessing Media Distribution Disruption: More Efficiently Reach Your Audience Anywhere



Major disruptions in how media is distributed and consumed is being felt across the industry with the exponential growth in distribution platforms and consumer devices. This situation is placing intense business pressures on broadcast and media companies as they need to distribute to more outlets and more devices while media technology budgets are not keeping pace with these demands. Discover insights on how to best enable efficient multi-platform distribution as leading industry experts will look at the disruptive impact of the proliferation of content and distribution platforms, and how to thrive in this new era of "content anywhere, content anytime." You’ll learn how to create an environment to efficiently create, manage, distribute and optimize media.

Attract, Engage and Retain: Building Long-term Viewer Loyalty



Being able to properly engage your desired audience and ensure viewer loyalty is a growing challenge in a media landscape that is more fractured and competitive than ever before. Broadcasters and media enterprises must look for new ways to attract and retain increasingly sophisticated viewers while technical shifts, new competitive entrants and growing viewer expectations are forcing the industry to look at this issue in new ways. Seasoned industry professionals and new research will help attendees get a better understanding of audience engagement in the future. Attendees will learn how to employ the state-of-the-art in real-time 3D on-air graphics tools to create a more engaging viewing experience, better leverage social media to attract and keep viewers, build greater brand loyalty, and much more.

Don’t miss this year’s event. Last year’s event sold out. Secure your spot.

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